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The Law Firm of Delphine James has solid technical and legal background with over 18 years of combined experience. Delphine James, a native of Louisiana, attended Grambling State University where she obtained her bachelors degree in Computer Science. After completing undergraduate studies, she began her career at AT&T Bell Laboratories. While at Bell Labs she obtained a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology. After gaining significant experience in the computer industry, Mrs. James returned to law school at South Texas College of Law where she obtained her Doctorate in Jurisprudence.  

Prior to founding the law firm, Delphine James worked for 13+ years as a Software Engineer and in Project Management for several major corporations including Loral Aerospace, UNISYS, AT&T and Tenneco. As a Software Engineer, she was instrumental in the forefront development of various technology systems currently in use today including:

  • (1) 1-800 Call Processing,
  • (2) initial Credit Card Authorization System for VISA and MASTERCARD,
  • (3) UNISYS PC Communication Software,
  • NASA’s Mission Control and Space Station Communication Software.

Areas of Expertise
Our Firm focuses on all aspects of Intellectual Property Law including Patents, and Trademarks. Within the area of patent law, the firm focuses on the protection Computer Software Systems as well as emerging technologies.

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Prior to law school, Delphine James attended the following universities:

• Received in 1980, a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Grambling State University where she graduated with the highest honors, Summa Cum Laude.
• Received in 1982, a masters of science degree in computer science from Illinois Institute of Technology

In 1998, she received a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law. While attending law school she was on the Deans’s list. Because of her academic record, she was nationally recognized by Who’s Who Among American Law Students as well as the Super Achiever award for Help Inc. (supported by the YMCA).

Licenses and Certifications

Delphine James is licensed to practice Law in the State of Texas. Also, she is license to practice before the Federal Court, the United States Southern District Court located in Houston, TX. In order to be a registered patent attorney, she acquired an additional bar license from the Patent and Trademark Office in Washington DC.

The Law Firm of Delphine James is minority women owned business. Currently, the law firm is certified by two organizations, the Houston Minority Business Council (HMBC) and the State HUB program. These certifications recognize the firm as a viable business in the State of Texas.

Presentations and Professional Associations

Delphine James is available for speaking engagements and lectures and has talked at the following:

  • How to protect computer software--- HMBC and Service Corporation of America SCA
  • Intellectual Property – Government Procurement Connections (GPC)
  • Intellectual Property --- Rice University Business Law Course
  • Patent and Trademark Law --- National Technical Association National Conference

Delphine James is a member of the following profession associations:

  • State Bar of Texas Intellectual Property Section
  • American Bar Association Intellectual Property Section
  • Houston Bar Association
  • IEEE Computer Society

Legal Experience

Among her many clients both entrepreneurs as well as corporations her firm has expertise to handle all aspects of Intellectual Property Law. Regarding Trade Secrets, the Law Firm audits the corporation, sets up appropriate security measures, and prepares and negotiates required confidentiality agreements. Regarding Trademarks, our firm handles trademark and trade dress availability searches, registrations of the marks, monitoring of the marks, handling of cancellation as well as opposition proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Copyright Registrations, and will litigate all trademark infringement issues.

Within the area of paten Law, the firm performs prior art searches and prepare patentability opinions for new inventions. Also, the firm will prepare and prosecute the inventions. More specifically, the firm specializes in Computer related inventions, articles of manufacture and mechanical patent applications. The firm can prosecute your patent application nationally as well as support the prosecution of your application internationally. At times prior to introducing a product to market, an infringement analysis needs to be performed. The firm performs the search, analysis and prepares the opinion. The firm provides counseling and support to help clients get their Products Commercialized.

Because of her recognized expertise in software engineering, Delphine James was brought in by Arnold & Associates to prepare several specialized software patent applications as well as a Patent Infringement Study on the Software Application. Also, Harrison & Egbert hired her to assist in the preparation of several Patent Software and Mechanical Patent Applications. Additionally, the Exxon Law Technology Department brought Delphine James in to prepare Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements to protect their Intellectual Property rights. In addition, she developed technical services contracts for independent contractors.

Technical Experience

In addition to her legal knowledge, Delphine James also has over twelve years of software engineering experience with major corporations. She worked for Tenneco as a Lead Consultant where she oversaw the design and development of an Oil Field Storage Accounting System. As a Project Lead for Loral Aerospace she was responsible for the development, maintenance and testing of NASA’s Mission Control Network Software. While at Envoy Corporation she developed one of the first Point of Sale Credit Card Authorization Interface Systems for Master Card and Visa. While at AT&T Bell Laboratories she was responsible for the development of a testing simulator which simulated important aspects of the currently used (800) call processing system. As a software engineer, she acquired expertise in the following technical areas, all aspects of the software development process, UNIX operating system, C/C++ programming language, Object Oriented Design and Analysis, Data Communication Protocols utilized in networking.