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Welcome to the Law Firm of Delphine James!

The Houston Law Firm of Delphine M. James is experienced in providing counseling in all aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Delphine James, the founder, began her career as a software engineer as well as a project manager for several major Fortune 500 Companies. As an engineer she helped developed major software technologies that we currently use today in our everyday lives. Now, as a registered patent attorney specializing in IP, she developed a firm that helps individuals, businesses, as well as entrepreneurs develop their ideas and protect their IP.

IP is a valuable asset that needs to be protected like any other property. IP is the life line of a business economic growth. An over site in protecting your IP rights can cost millions and destroy businesses.

Intellectual property assets include:

  • inventions (such as products, business methods, devices),
  • business names, business logos,
  • building designs,
  • fashion lines,
  • record labels,
  • business trade secrets,
  • photography, books and music

Through years of experience, the firm has developed legal programs that effectively help clients strategically protect their IP assets.